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ImmuneSoft is a computer security software company that develops advanced forensics products.  ImmuneSoft was founded in 2003 and has developed products for Computer Forensics, Security and Information Event Managers, Intrusion Detection, and more.  ImmuneSoft has been contributing to the open source community by providing the ImmuneSoft(tm) platform and Absolution(tm) forensics investigator under the GPL v3 license since 2006. ImmuneSoft is currently developing the Absolution(tm) Computer Forensics Toolkit that will investigate large quantities of digital evidence.  Open source distribution is available at

The process of investigating digital media can take months or even years using present technologies. Absolution's goals are to optimize and automate the most time intensive and complex tasks and to speed up the forensics process. That will result in a quicker response (3 important examples include: explaining a breach, locate a missing person, or determining regulatory compliance.)

Located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, ImmuneSoft is a privately funded pre-sales startup company. In 2011, ImmuneSoft joined the Microsoft Bizspark program.  The company is planning to extend its products and services when investment is obtained and when Absolution attains a mature software status.